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High-Quality Blind Installation Service in Auckland

V-Builders are experts in window blind installations offering blinds to the residents and commercial clients. Due to more than 5 years of experience, we can install blinds on any type of window. Don’t have an idea what looks best on your window? Talk to our expert professionals and they can tell give you an apt solution regarding window covering. We provide both interior and exterior blinds in Auckland. So, you can come to us whenever you need our service.

Blind comes with innovative designs. Blind design helps create different layers for light passing and ensures energy efficiency. Same time, it gives you the required amount of privacy. Based on the opening and closing section of the blind, the middle section of your home is illuminated.

In addition to the residence, our professionals work for offices and businesses too. Providing interior and exterior blinds in Auckland is our specialty.

Types of Blinds

Interior Blinds

On the inside part of your window, we can install interior blinds for you. We can offer you both manual and motorised blinds. It can come in different shades and colours. For reducing sunlight entering the house, providing privacy and cutting glare, an interior blind is the best option. Using the interior blinds, you can reduce the temperature by almost 3° C. Interior blinds also safeguard your interior from damage to some extent.

Exterior Blinds

Similar to the interior blinds, you can take our help for installing exterior blinds too. For improving energy efficiency, it is the best choice that you can make. It blocks the UV rays. So, you must use exterior blinds in Auckland to take care of hot and warm climates and limit your cooling cost. Exterior blinds can extend your home further. By installing these types of blinds, you can enhance the usability of your outdoor space.


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